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We think traditionally. Don't go back to your roots, but don't forget them! Our mission is to preserve old lifestyle in new forms, shapes and textures. Our designs are inspired by the handcraft techniques of our grandparents, lovingly re-imagined for the modern world.


We think innovatively. Modern technologies allow us to create fascinating designs and bring handcrafting to a new level. We invent new handcrafting techniques and improve old ones. We scale-up the textures, simplify the methods and play with the shapes so that handcrafting is no longer as labor intensive and time consuming as it was in the past.

We think sustainably. We use recycled materials and are constantly looking for alternatives and new innovations. We simplify the traditional manufacturing process to reduce the effort and time. We eliminate some duplication of logistic processes by offering for example drop-shipping as a shipping method for our retailers.

We think online. Modern lifestyle inspires us by its high-speed reality. Online living today is no longer a fantasy and we support it to make you real life more comfortable. We use our website as our main sales & meeting point and try to create a comfortable digital environment.

We think globally. We are currently building our network of representatives all over the world. We offer attractive conditions for our retailers with no minimum quantities, no complex logistics and no inventory management.

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