Apyrankė su rožiniu agatu

Viengubas juodos lakuotos odos dirželis, didelis akmuo.

Apyrankė dovanų dėžutėje su aprašymu ir fraze.



69,52 € 79,00 €

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    It is time to forget about the limits. It is time to live by your own rules. It is TIME TO ROCK!

    Pink coloured agate and black leather strap are a special combination. You can wear it wether  on its own or mixed with our K.I.S.S. bracelets!The price includes a cool black box with our logo- perfect gift for yourself or someone special!

    P.S. Since these are real stones there are no two that are exactly alike. so these pictures are for illustrative purposes and you will get one that is similar to the bracelet on the picture, but not the exact one on the pic.