List of products by manufacturer apoteca

APOTECA treats your BODY and Soul.

Apoteca – was born from love for fashion, from desire to move forward. From passion and devotion. From sense of style, from uncountable number of existing colors. From hate of wrong, from care of others. From responsibility to yourself and everyone. From loyalty for own beliefs, from devotion for own ideals. From endless desire to progress, to grow, to move only ahead together with the time, and only very rarely to look back. From change of art, which is related with expression of the world.

From talent of every person and even deeply hidden and shown to nobody. From desire to feel the popularity, to conquer the hearts of all people. From greatness of the universe, which gives the wings to fly… Apoteca – wish to grow with change of every season, to improve with each sweep of scissors or needle stick. Seeks to confirm with the surroundings, but at the same time stand out from the crowd. Makes everything to beautify the person, not to discomfort his movements, to provide charm with unexpected details… Apoteca – is enjoying touches of the silk, warms in embrace of wool, feels comfortable surrounded by cotton spells. She is tousling feathers, playing with furs, trying to seduce the leather…

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