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WHY CANDLES? As long as I can remember there were candles in my room. All colors, scents and sizes. It was a matter of time till I tried to pour my own. That time came when I was struggling in finding "my" scents. Scents, that tickle your emotions and remind you something. Sometimes it might leave you wondering what it was, sometimes you know excactly, it's this place or that summer's memories.

WHY BLUE SPARROW? Blue Sparrow was born at the end of 2015, in my kitchen, while listening to old vinyls. It took about half a year of experimenting till we found six perfects scents, their combinations, wicks that burn that calming flame and all the other materials. The one thing that was clear from the very beginning - was the name. Actually, it's very simple: BLUE - all time favorite color, SPARROW - my maiden name. Well, and the fact, that I have a tattoo of a blue sparrow on my back contributed a little :). 

Soon my husband joined me in the proccess and here we are creating, mixing and pouring! 


WHAT'S UNDER BLUE SPARROW? Every time you light up a Blue Sparrow candle - a feeling is born or reminded of itself. With every lit a room is filled with coziness and warmth, wether it's springy and sunny scent of Cassis & Fig, or wether it's nostalgia with rainy Woods scent. Also, it's nice to look at in your interior, since the glass is recycled, cork-toppers are natural wood and labels are designed with such thought. Not to mention that everything is completely handmade with love and care.

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