Ai Dandy’s makes bow ties for men and women that are more than mere tuxedo accessories. Every single item – actuated by hand – is in line with Oscar Wilde’s motto of «One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art.»


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    Dainty craftsmanship with great attention to detail is what turns an ambitious bow tie into a uniquely tailored piece of art. What refined manners are to you is the selection of only the finest material to us, including a range of exclusive fabrics such as fine Italian silk, cashmere, ostrich leather, pony fur and stingray leather. You will not find this selection anywhere else.

    Wear Ai Dandy’s luxurious bow ties on any occasion where it counts to display an air of suave elegance, and be sure to stand out against your peers by donning a bow tie tailored to the needs of anyone who wants nothing less than the best. Select a bow tie that best expresses your personality, and wear it confidently wherever you go.

    Women enjoy utilizing our bow ties as a means of gallant accessories to give expression to a more sophisticated fashion-consciousness. It’s incredible what our bow ties can add to fancy hairdos and extravagant clothing. And when worn around the neck, they stand out as a truly unique fashion statement.

    Cultivate the idea of beauty and elegance. Our one-of-a-kind bow ties help satisfy your passion for a nobler way of dressing. Wear an Ai Dandy bow tie to defy the shallow trends of fashion by making a timeless statement.

  • apoteca

    APOTECA treats your BODY and Soul.

    Apoteca – was born from love for fashion, from desire to move forward. From passion and devotion. From sense of style, from uncountable number of existing colors. From hate of wrong, from care of others. From responsibility to yourself and everyone. From loyalty for own beliefs, from devotion for own ideals. From endless desire to progress, to grow, to move only ahead together with the time, and only very rarely to look back. From change of art, which is related with expression of the world.

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    From talent of every person and even deeply hidden and shown to nobody. From desire to feel the popularity, to conquer the hearts of all people. From greatness of the universe, which gives the wings to fly… Apoteca – wish to grow with change of every season, to improve with each sweep of scissors or needle stick. Seeks to confirm with the surroundings, but at the same time stand out from the crowd. Makes everything to beautify the person, not to discomfort his movements, to provide charm with unexpected details… Apoteca – is enjoying touches of the silk, warms in embrace of wool, feels comfortable surrounded by cotton spells. She is tousling feathers, playing with furs, trying to seduce the leather…


    Asta Masiulytė was born in Lithuania, a small country on the cost of the Baltic Sea. From an early age she watched her grandmother using the loom to make traditional Lithuanian quilts and weaving mats out of old clothing scraps, while her love for knit-wear came from watching her mother work at a knitting machine.

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    In her teenage years, Asta was often embroidering and crocheting, her house was always full of thread, fabric and knit wear, so it's not surprising that later she choose to study Textile Art at Kaunas Art Institute Vilnius Art Academy. With the master degree in her pocket and driven by love, Asta ended up in Spain. Here she plunged into the world of fashion and started designing clothes. Asta Masiulyte is a designer who focuses on the mixing of textiles and handmade details. Her priority is always natural materials: silk, wool, and linen. At the moment Asta’s focus is on hand painted silk scarves and their promotion. She believes that hand painted scarves are wearable art; it is not mass  production without a human touch. Hand-work is a direct contact between a designer and a consumer, it's something spiritual. 


    Automoblox was designed with your child's development in mind. With Automoblox, your child learns goal directed activity through which knowledge is acquired and problems are solved by coordinating the folowing:
    * Creative problem solving
    * Gross and fine motor skills
    * Visio-spatial processing 

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    The Play Value of Automoblox
    * Long Play Times
    * Creation of Unique Vehicles 
    * Tactile Play Experience
    * Universal Appeal
    * Sense of Accomplishment

    The Mission of Automoblox
    Automoblox allows children to experience beneficial play with activi 


    Designed for a city-like resident.

    Since the brand’s establishment in 2013, we strive to become a symbol of street fashion. Millenials, hipsters, punks, skaters, suits, you name it.  All different yet all the same - city like residents. No matter of your choice you all have style suited to be urban.

    Inspired by concrete jungle, steel and leather.

    In today’s vivid, colourful and rushing lifestyle, we strive to stand out of the crowd by being strict & minimalist, just as the streets, skyscrapers we’re surrounded by.

    Handmade with attitude.

    Being measured, cut, coloured and put together by hand, every peace of B URBAN. jewelry is unique and outstanding.


    Welcome to the world of a bob haired little girl called Belle and her adorable bunny friend Boo – a charming world of innocence, warmth and adventure. 

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    Belle and Boo is a British lifestyle brand known for original, nostalgic 'story book' illustrations of children. The collection includes gift items, books, framed artworks, stationery, home wares and a beautiful collection of girls' clothing.

    Belle & Boo is more than just two. Characters such as Ava and Sophia are drawn playing or simply pondering life whilst sitting in a favourite tree and little boys are dressed as cowboys and Indians, flying a kite or a paper plane and even riding a woolly mammoth through a snow covered field.
    Belle and Boo has universal appeal and is available in over 500 stockists worldwide. The collection is loved by grown-ups and children alike, with every treasured product designed to embody all that adults and children love about traditional, old-fashioned story telling.

    Junior Award 2013

    May 2013

    Shortlisted Best On Line Gift Retailer 2013 Junior Magazine Design Awards

    Junior Award 2012

    May 2012

    Winner Best On Line Gift Retailer 2012 Junior Magazine Design Awards

    Junior 11

    May 2011

    Best Interior Product Junior Magazine Design Awards

    Shortlisted for Red Online 2011 Start-Up Award.



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    WHY CANDLES? As long as I can remember there were candles in my room. All colors, scents and sizes. It was a matter of time till I tried to pour my own. That time came when I was struggling in finding "my" scents. Scents, that tickle your emotions and remind you something. Sometimes it might leave you wondering what it was, sometimes you know excactly, it's this place or that summer's memories.

    WHY BLUE SPARROW? Blue Sparrow was born at the end of 2015, in my kitchen, while listening to old vinyls. It took about half a year of experimenting till we found six perfects scents, their combinations, wicks that burn that calming flame and all the other materials. The one thing that was clear from the very beginning - was the name. Actually, it's very simple: BLUE - all time favorite color, SPARROW - my maiden name. Well, and the fact, that I have a tattoo of a blue sparrow on my back contributed a little :). 

    Soon my husband joined me in the proccess and here we are creating, mixing and pouring! 


    WHAT'S UNDER BLUE SPARROW? Every time you light up a Blue Sparrow candle - a feeling is born or reminded of itself. With every lit a room is filled with coziness and warmth, wether it's springy and sunny scent of Cassis & Fig, or wether it's nostalgia with rainy Woods scent. Also, it's nice to look at in your interior, since the glass is recycled, cork-toppers are natural wood and labels are designed with such thought. Not to mention that everything is completely handmade with love and care.


    Boris Klimek (born 1984) graduated at Product Design department at AAAD Prague.

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    During his studies he spent in England / Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield /, Slovakia / College of Fine Arts, Bratislava / or in product design studios in Prague led by designers Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček / Olgoj Chorchoj /. Boris has been awarded several awards for his product design. In his work he tries to find a certain conceptual overlap, games, irony and hyperbole. 

    Czech Grand Design - 3. místo Výrobce roku 2012
    Designblok Editors Awards 2012
    Czech Grand Design 2011 - 2.místo Výrobce roku 2011



    Coalesse is an award-winning brand of furnishings that expresses the new freedom of work. It is part of the rapidly growing category we call Crossover. 

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    The crossovers are homes and offices, meeting rooms and social spaces, private retreats and public places — the fluid intersections of work and life where boundaries are collapsing and creativity is roaming. 
    We study the new work day, how people are collaborating, contemplating, and socializing at work. Then we ask some of the world’s most talented designers to create artful solutions that 
    combine comfort, function, and emotional satisfaction. For our end-user customers, Coalesse helps graciously integrate work and the rest of life. Wherever you are inspired to work, however you get things done, Coalesse is designed to improve your day



    Exclusively knitted accessories lines inspired by a collision of extreme sports spirits and refined elegance lifestyle, a desire to express yourself, meanwhile remaining decently mysterious.

    The uniqueness of cocktail or smart casual dress code, identity, telling you about active, youthful rebel and intelligent character behind.

    All this is contained in 100% organic fiber yarn knitted accessories that every single piece of it is different!

    It is like your business card: gallant, funny, sophisticated and very unique – an authorization within your soul to reach the next note!


  • Daili

    Fashion fragile as glass, but unstoppable as time – Daili  love to move  you forward !  So keep forward !

    Daili has a pure nature inspired concept while her slightly ironic and highly conceptual fashion collections still retain functionality.

    Creative design products.The company and there working designers profesionaly do their job.

    Dailidesign exclusivity – is a clear concept of its purified and European quality, while the inspiration comes from nature and fills in minimal,  beautiful creations.
    Daili designers are making fashion and trendy natural leather bags, jewelry, create interior glass items

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    Dailidesign is a Lithuanian fashion design company. The brand was launched in 2003 and became famous for theirclothing line, natural leather bags, jewellery, and glass interior design items.

    Our collections where showed in different exhibitions and fashion shows around the world like Tokyo , Hong-Kong, Lviv, Amsterdam, NY, Philadelphia and Vilnius.

    Profesional fashion designer Laura Dailidenienė  is a creative force behind the Daili fashion line. She graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2007, and has been showing her collections since 2004 in Lithuanian Fashion Week Fashion Infection. Prior to the launch of Fashion Infection Laura was showing her collections in various local and international exhibitions as well as fashion shows. As early as 1999 she won first place at Smirnoff International Fashion Awards, bringing Lithuania and her catwalk collection to the International Fashion Awards show in China (Hong-Kong).


    Mr. David Fussenegger founded his company in the year 1832 and for almost 180 years the company was family-owned - till spring 2011, when it was passed from Klaus Ladstätter-Fussenegger to the managing directors Jürgen Spiegel and Gottfried Wohlgenannt. 

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    Processing cotton and cotton mixed yarns into premium textile products always formed the centre of the business activities of the David Fussenegger Textil GmbH and will also remain its future focus.


    All Ekocat products are made of silicone, which is harmless to humans and nature, light weight, does not break, they are resistant to heat, cold, shock and, most importantly, to the bad mood caused by disposable plastic.

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    Ekocat is a unique brand born out of love for nature and people. All of our products are eco-friendly – they are made from materials that aren't harmful to health, food or environment. Ekocat products are a great alternative to single-use plastic products. Ekocat has a special feature - all products shrink, and when reduced by half they become almost invisible in the bag. They are for individualists, altruists, and anyone who cares about the world around them.


    GreenGate - an interior design company based in Denmark. We specialize in stoneware, quilts and other items for your home. 
    We believe the simple, everyday moments in life can be the most memorable and worthwhile.

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    With less time in a more complex world, we aim to help "slow down time", by enriching and giving meaning to these moments shared.

    Every GreenGate product and design has been inspired by these beliefs and we hope that we can bring warmth and life back to places, objects and moments long forgotten.


    HELLO! MOON- This is your personal Moon on the T-shirts, practical bags and other textile items. 

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    HELLO! MOON pictures reveal their mystery at twilight - they reflect the light or glow. Night color
    T-shirts for women, men and children and comfortable linen bags with various design reflectors and
    phosphoric applications make the series of the HELLO! MOON products.


    The brand was founded in 2010 by product designer Martin Jakobsen. His work is mainly influenced by minimalism and a penchant for finding innovative solutions. Due to his closeness to fashion he cooperates with fashion designers. Brand philosophy is based on detailed work in terms of creating a simple, yet functional and aesthetic design.

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    Design awards: Nominated to the Stanislav Libensky Award, Glass Design Award by the Preciosa Foundation, Nominated to the European Glass Experience, Nominated to the Swedish Innovation Prize, Nominated to the Czech Grand Design Award, Nominated to the NOVA Gallery Award, Jury prize by the Talent Design Award, Nominated to the ELLE Decor Design Award.

    JAKOBSEN DESIGN references: De Librije ( 3 Michelin stars), Aan de Poel (2 Michelin stars), Monte Carlo Beach Club - Abu Dhabi, Millenium Hotel - Abu Dhabi, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel - Hong kong, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Sofitel So Hotel - Bangkok, etc.

  • kARTu

    “kARTu” was found in 2014. Our design studio located in Kaunas, Lithuania, introduces a minimalist alternative to real leather accessories with a hint of our favorite spices. Harmony of flavours and Baltic minimalism are the distinctive features of “kARTu” handbags. Let’s play and taste – Sandalwood, Chocolate, Vanilla… These are not only names of “kARTu” bags but also their characteristic qualities. The word “kartu” means the taste of – “bitter” that presuppose bitter sense of artA pinch of bitter spice savors not only food, but style as well. All “kARTu” bags are made from genuine leather and designed for urban pulse and style that propagates personality, it is for someone who enjoys savoring their everyday style and appreciates quality. Spices are subtle, not everyone likes it. However, a good style chef would not hide this spice deep in a cupboard. Every “kARTu” bag is carefully hand-crafted and flavored with the most positive emotions only.

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    Kikijewels is an emerging women’s fashion jewelry brand entirely designed and handmade in Italy, known for its colourful and contemporary jewelry pieces. Each piece is made only from carefully selected high-quality materials: natural precious and semi-precious stones, leather, pearls, silver and brass.

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    Jewelry designer Virginija Vaiciulyte is from Lithuania, but for more than 10 years lives in Milan, Italy. This lively, stylish, cosmopolitan city and a job experience in a fashion field, inspired her to create her jewelry line - Kikijewels.


    The kimmidoll™ brand was conceived following a long standing passion with elegant decorative gift and homeware items inspired by Eastern culture. The traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls are a perfect example of this simplistic Eastern beauty.

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    It is this philosophy of bestowing luck and good fortune upon friends and family that is behind the creation of the kimmidoll™ brand. Kimmidolls™ are contemporary collectable dolls combining a fusion of traditional and modern creative sensibility.
    Kimmidoll™ is a family of contemporary doll characters, each lovingly designed to represent “Life’s True Values”. As a beautiful collectable or as a home decorative item these gorgeous dolls will bless all the important moments in your life.
    The beauty of the kimmidoll™ range lies in the gorgeous inspirational values that each doll expresses. While they look individual, there is one philosophy that all the kimmidoll™ share, and that is about celebrating important values in life’s journey such as kindness, happiness, joy and respect. The kimmidoll™ range allows you to celebrate these values with your friends and family. Each gorgeous kimmidoll™ comes with its own collector’s card.
    The kimmidoll™ design philosophy is inspired by the beauty of nature and the world around us, as well as the inspirational values that each doll represents. The design team infuse much love and care into each kimmidoll™ design. The artwork and graphics used on each kimmidoll™ is inspired by traditional Eastern artwork and contemporary Western artwork symbolism. Each design attempts to achieve a balance between the two cultures to create kimmidoll™ characters that are modern and that the kimmidoll™ collector can identify with.


    KIRIGAMI DESIGN is a sustainable, insightful and engaging compnay with a scandinavian spirit in a field of folding, portable and compact decisions inspired by the Japanese art of Kirigami.

    Kirigami (切り紙?) is a Japanese art and a variation of origami that includes cutting of the paper.

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    Sustainable.  Furniture is made out of wood (Class 1) which is grown in Northern Europe. 

                          Plywood glue meets the CARB Phase 2 and Japanese 4-Star Regulation’s requirements.

                          Formaldehyde emission meets the Class E1 requirements.

                          Our accessories have natural parts: wood, buckwheat, linen, recycled paper.

                          We use recycled paper for all the marketing material.

                          Kirigami Design products are compact. It uses very little space at your home.

                          Products are flat pack. It saves money for transportation.

                          We do not use any additional tools, screws, nails or glue.

    Engaging.     We ask for focus on details.

                          We bring curiosity.

                          We help to be creative daily.

                          We support trials.

    Insightful.    It is hard to believe but our furniture can hold over 200 kg.

                         We pack furniture in the flat pack box or bag which you can carry in one hand or on your shoulder.

                         We ask our stakeholders to help us develop together.

                         Our employees follow our values.

                         We attract young and experienced talent and help them grow globally.

                         We let our followers find us on: Twitter, Pinterest, Fancy, Google+, Facebook and YouTube.

                         We personalize and customize your requests.

                         We are open for new ideas and new developments.

                         We have a great network of designers and manufacturers with whom we work along through years.

                         We have experienced board which help us grow worldwide.                                     

    "It was up in minutes and all of the 8 products are so lightweight that you can carry the pieces around in a bag, ready to re-assemble at any given moment." – RatedPeople.com

    “Hailing from beautiful Vilnius, Kirigami plywood furniture from Plyhouse is flat pack furniture without the screws. I particularly like their stools which are handy for parties and extra guests. Accommodating up to 400 pounds, these stools should work for all, except the truly large guest." – NylonLiving.com

    "Very inspiring and simply fascinating". – Leneublack.com

    Kirigami has been spotted by Normann Copenhagen - www.SpottedByNormannCopenhagen.com

    "Kirigami Plywood assembled modules create playful stools, tables and bookcases. Everything is installed and removed in seconds. You can easily carry in canvas bags, watch the VIDEO. I have seen how how easy it is to assemble and move with this furniture.. disassembled takes up very little space. This idea is absolutely brilliant: you can mount and unmount whenever you want, not like Ikea furniture, which reassembled a second time, will be crooked forever!" -Nonsolofood.com

    "Furniture you can assemble without screws, etc. .. It's really neat. I especially like these storage boxes. Perfect for toys or other goodies. Besides the boxes Kirigami Plywood has also designed chairs and tables, which also will be assembled without screws. The furniture is made of plywood. The furniture can withstand much as the slightest chair (which is really small) can hold an adult. Very fine nursery furniture!" - Nordiskeriger.com


    "Kirigami Design has been selected for "The Architonic guide" which allows you to find the best exhibitors quickly. Architonic’s selection is purely an editorial one and is limited to high-end manufacturers whose products are visually relevant to the design of buildings and spaces. It’s a guide by architects for architects." - Architonic Guide Maison&Objet 2013 Architonic.com