List of products by manufacturer Ai DANDY

Ai Dandy’s makes bow ties for men and women that are more than mere tuxedo accessories. Every single item – actuated by hand – is in line with Oscar Wilde’s motto of «One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art.»


Dainty craftsmanship with great attention to detail is what turns an ambitious bow tie into a uniquely tailored piece of art. What refined manners are to you is the selection of only the finest material to us, including a range of exclusive fabrics such as fine Italian silk, cashmere, ostrich leather, pony fur and stingray leather. You will not find this selection anywhere else.

Wear Ai Dandy’s luxurious bow ties on any occasion where it counts to display an air of suave elegance, and be sure to stand out against your peers by donning a bow tie tailored to the needs of anyone who wants nothing less than the best. Select a bow tie that best expresses your personality, and wear it confidently wherever you go.

Women enjoy utilizing our bow ties as a means of gallant accessories to give expression to a more sophisticated fashion-consciousness. It’s incredible what our bow ties can add to fancy hairdos and extravagant clothing. And when worn around the neck, they stand out as a truly unique fashion statement.

Cultivate the idea of beauty and elegance. Our one-of-a-kind bow ties help satisfy your passion for a nobler way of dressing. Wear an Ai Dandy bow tie to defy the shallow trends of fashion by making a timeless statement.

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