List of products by manufacturer kARTu

“kARTu” was found in 2014. Our design studio located in Kaunas, Lithuania, introduces a minimalist alternative to real leather accessories with a hint of our favorite spices. Harmony of flavours and Baltic minimalism are the distinctive features of “kARTu” handbags. Let’s play and taste – Sandalwood, Chocolate, Vanilla… These are not only names of “kARTu” bags but also their characteristic qualities. The word “kartu” means the taste of – “bitter” that presuppose bitter sense of artA pinch of bitter spice savors not only food, but style as well. All “kARTu” bags are made from genuine leather and designed for urban pulse and style that propagates personality, it is for someone who enjoys savoring their everyday style and appreciates quality. Spices are subtle, not everyone likes it. However, a good style chef would not hide this spice deep in a cupboard. Every “kARTu” bag is carefully hand-crafted and flavored with the most positive emotions only.

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