The kimmidoll™ brand was conceived following a long standing passion with elegant decorative gift and homeware items inspired by Eastern culture. The traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls are a perfect example of this simplistic Eastern beauty.

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    It is this philosophy of bestowing luck and good fortune upon friends and family that is behind the creation of the kimmidoll™ brand. Kimmidolls™ are contemporary collectable dolls combining a fusion of traditional and modern creative sensibility.
    Kimmidoll™ is a family of contemporary doll characters, each lovingly designed to represent “Life’s True Values”. As a beautiful collectable or as a home decorative item these gorgeous dolls will bless all the important moments in your life.
    The beauty of the kimmidoll™ range lies in the gorgeous inspirational values that each doll expresses. While they look individual, there is one philosophy that all the kimmidoll™ share, and that is about celebrating important values in life’s journey such as kindness, happiness, joy and respect. The kimmidoll™ range allows you to celebrate these values with your friends and family. Each gorgeous kimmidoll™ comes with its own collector’s card.
    The kimmidoll™ design philosophy is inspired by the beauty of nature and the world around us, as well as the inspirational values that each doll represents. The design team infuse much love and care into each kimmidoll™ design. The artwork and graphics used on each kimmidoll™ is inspired by traditional Eastern artwork and contemporary Western artwork symbolism. Each design attempts to achieve a balance between the two cultures to create kimmidoll™ characters that are modern and that the kimmidoll™ collector can identify with.


    KIRIGAMI DESIGN is a sustainable, insightful and engaging compnay with a scandinavian spirit in a field of folding, portable and compact decisions inspired by the Japanese art of Kirigami.

    Kirigami (切り紙?) is a Japanese art and a variation of origami that includes cutting of the paper.

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    Sustainable.  Furniture is made out of wood (Class 1) which is grown in Northern Europe. 

                          Plywood glue meets the CARB Phase 2 and Japanese 4-Star Regulation’s requirements.

                          Formaldehyde emission meets the Class E1 requirements.

                          Our accessories have natural parts: wood, buckwheat, linen, recycled paper.

                          We use recycled paper for all the marketing material.

                          Kirigami Design products are compact. It uses very little space at your home.

                          Products are flat pack. It saves money for transportation.

                          We do not use any additional tools, screws, nails or glue.

    Engaging.     We ask for focus on details.

                          We bring curiosity.

                          We help to be creative daily.

                          We support trials.

    Insightful.    It is hard to believe but our furniture can hold over 200 kg.

                         We pack furniture in the flat pack box or bag which you can carry in one hand or on your shoulder.

                         We ask our stakeholders to help us develop together.

                         Our employees follow our values.

                         We attract young and experienced talent and help them grow globally.

                         We let our followers find us on: Twitter, Pinterest, Fancy, Google+, Facebook and YouTube.

                         We personalize and customize your requests.

                         We are open for new ideas and new developments.

                         We have a great network of designers and manufacturers with whom we work along through years.

                         We have experienced board which help us grow worldwide.                                     

    "It was up in minutes and all of the 8 products are so lightweight that you can carry the pieces around in a bag, ready to re-assemble at any given moment." – RatedPeople.com

    “Hailing from beautiful Vilnius, Kirigami plywood furniture from Plyhouse is flat pack furniture without the screws. I particularly like their stools which are handy for parties and extra guests. Accommodating up to 400 pounds, these stools should work for all, except the truly large guest." – NylonLiving.com

    "Very inspiring and simply fascinating". – Leneublack.com

    Kirigami has been spotted by Normann Copenhagen - www.SpottedByNormannCopenhagen.com

    "Kirigami Plywood assembled modules create playful stools, tables and bookcases. Everything is installed and removed in seconds. You can easily carry in canvas bags, watch the VIDEO. I have seen how how easy it is to assemble and move with this furniture.. disassembled takes up very little space. This idea is absolutely brilliant: you can mount and unmount whenever you want, not like Ikea furniture, which reassembled a second time, will be crooked forever!" -Nonsolofood.com

    "Furniture you can assemble without screws, etc. .. It's really neat. I especially like these storage boxes. Perfect for toys or other goodies. Besides the boxes Kirigami Plywood has also designed chairs and tables, which also will be assembled without screws. The furniture is made of plywood. The furniture can withstand much as the slightest chair (which is really small) can hold an adult. Very fine nursery furniture!" - Nordiskeriger.com


    "Kirigami Design has been selected for "The Architonic guide" which allows you to find the best exhibitors quickly. Architonic’s selection is purely an editorial one and is limited to high-end manufacturers whose products are visually relevant to the design of buildings and spaces. It’s a guide by architects for architects." - Architonic Guide Maison&Objet 2013 Architonic.com



    Kristina Kruopienyte's design approach is centred round a constructional, rhythmic, structural, minimal, graphic modus and strongly founded in her unfettered love for luxurious materials and bespoke tailoring. The focus in the designs is the construction of a unique and personal aesthetic language. Her philosophy "Always looking for a new angle, ever changing but keeping the style and being recognizable" is instrumental in the process of creating the typical style of a Kristina Kruopienyte product.

    The current portfolio consists of clothes, shoes and accessories for both women and men.

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  • KU ME KO

    We think traditionally. Don't go back to your roots, but don't forget them! Our mission is to preserve old lifestyle in new forms, shapes and textures. Our designs are inspired by the handcraft techniques of our grandparents, lovingly re-imagined for the modern world.

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    We think innovatively. Modern technologies allow us to create fascinating designs and bring handcrafting to a new level. We invent new handcrafting techniques and improve old ones. We scale-up the textures, simplify the methods and play with the shapes so that handcrafting is no longer as labor intensive and time consuming as it was in the past.

    We think sustainably. We use recycled materials and are constantly looking for alternatives and new innovations. We simplify the traditional manufacturing process to reduce the effort and time. We eliminate some duplication of logistic processes by offering for example drop-shipping as a shipping method for our retailers.

    We think online. Modern lifestyle inspires us by its high-speed reality. Online living today is no longer a fantasy and we support it to make you real life more comfortable. We use our website as our main sales & meeting point and try to create a comfortable digital environment.

    We think globally. We are currently building our network of representatives all over the world. We offer attractive conditions for our retailers with no minimum quantities, no complex logistics and no inventory management.


    LeMuse talks about real beauty which comes from inside the person. Each of us has is own bugs: the body is not perfect, the face can be different, the skin can be softer. But at the end we have the inside world. Which is beautiful, powerful and unique. That means a lot...

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    LeMuse clothes covers your body and gives you unique shape every time you move. The shape is changing and creates different silhouettes. It creates are desire to see what is the unique inside. What charisma you have.

    LeMuse gives you freedom. You don’t have to think so much of how you look like and if your body is perfect. It gives you freedom to care more about your feelings, emotions and about other people instead of thinking about yourself.

  • Luka Flores

    Started with the idea to inspire femininity…

    I know, that women can be strong. They can build  houses, create homes and do business. They can give lives to children and keep family. Women can rise after tough times… And I believe that women can always notice and feel:

    ~ flowers
    ~ happiness
    ~ colors
    ~ forests
    ~ balance
    ~ freedom
    ~ sea and silence…

    …Also …women should reach for theirs own dreams…

    Be a little bit happier than yesterday…
    With love, Agnė

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    MARCH is product invention studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania.We like new materials and technologies. We like good design. And we like good concept even better.

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    MARCH is finding the gap. We constantly observe surroundings and things we use daily. If something can be improved – we go for it. Like the safety reflector, which can improve your security by being more wearable.
    MARCH is anti-designerism. Most new designer products are unnecessary in our overproduced world. Besides, every new production have impact to the environment. New products have to be better in their concept, not just appearance. MARCH is new concept + new technology + new material = new goodness. Our products are available across the world, including Italy, France, Japan, Mexico and UAE.
    MARCH is speed. We answer e-mails quick, and you get your products faster than you would ever expect.
    MARCH is unique. Our products have patents and are 100% original.
    MARCH is founded by Martynas Kazimierenas and Egle Opeikiene.
    Martynas Kazimierenas,
    Chief designer
    Improves things since 2000’s. Member of Lithuanian association of graphic design and holder of few shiny awards for innovation. Martynas also creates interiors with international appeal. MARCH is his new success story – established only recently, studio’s products already enjoys recognition in essential design fairs across the globe.
    Egle Opeikiene,
    Represented leading Lithuanian design innovations from exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo and Singapore to the desk of Tony Blair. Egle’s experience in design production and sales field helped numerous local designers become internationally renowned.
    Having enough energy to outsource a small nuclear reactor, Egle is vital to successful happening of all things MARCH.

  • Mezgės

    “Mezgės“ is Lithuanian brand of handmade or semi-handmade sweaters and accessories for whole family. We care about nature this is why quality and longlife is our preference. Its not about fashion it is about style.

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  • Mr.Maria

    n the heart of Amsterdam we,  Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker, founded our Dutch design studio. With passion we shape clouds into pure, clean and warm creations. Fit for any interior and children of all ages.

    Design which awakens the child within and simply makes us smile. After all, smiles are contagious. And when we share ours with you, you have one to share too.

    We wish you a lot of wonderful moments with our friends and their inspiring stories.

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    “New Vintage by Kriss" is a jewellery brand that creates cool, gorgeous and wearable jewellery. From the beginning our aim has been to empower women to live lives fully, to dream big and to act bold, to forget about the rules and follow their own path. We also LOVE beautiful stones, especially those that look a little rough around the edges!

    All "New Vintage by Kriss" pieces are designed by Kriss Eglite and hand-crafted in her studio in Estonia. We use only semi-precious stones, cultured pearls, 925 silver, gold-filled and other quality materials. That is why our jewellery is non-allergic and if tended to properly will shine beautifully for decades. Each design has a story behind it,  something that moved, encouraged or touched us.

    NVbyK pieces are classic enough never-to-date, while always having a little something off-beat and wonderfully quirky to make it fun and special. Just like the women who wear NVbyK – classic, but with a twist. Our inspiration is a woman, who is – a daughter,  a mother,  a rock-chick,  a die-hard-romantic, a  world-traveler, a  little devil and a  goddess – all rolled into one. These necklaces, earrings and bracelets are created for a woman who wears jewellery for herself and values the beauty of simplicity. We look forward to the day that  ”New Vintage by Kriss" would be considered the real vintage.

    NV Girls Rule The World!

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    Normann Copenhagen is a way of living - a mindset. We love to challenge the conventional design rules. This is why you will find traditional materials put into untraditional use.

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    OKIIKO - Eivaras & Laura, architect & graphic designer, founded in 2008. Looking for simplicity with character in everything we do. Our motto is Weird, but still very lovely.

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    oki / Laura 
    iko / Eivaras 
    2 people in 1 playground colorful 
    minimalistic / iconic / playful accessories


    The journey began one Winter in London in 2010, when sisters Olivia and Chloe Brookman designed a nursing chair, and soon after a homewares collection, fulfilling a childhood dream of creating products together. 
    The Olli Ella collection gives a wink to the sisters' nomadic life as children, having lived in England, Australia and America by the time they were teenagers, and the sisters' love of adventure as a result of their unusual upbringing. 
    Olli Ella products are influenced by play and having fun, and the sisters' love of useful, tactile designs. Olli Ella pieces are lovingly made ethically, and sustainably, using natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, and wool - the collection is populated with pieces that delight and are cherished, and seem to become firm favourites in every home.
    Olli Ella brings out the child, the explorer, the adventurer, and homebody in us all, with a youthful spirit infusing every single piece.
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    Olli Ella was born in 2009 In London, England. Sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman set out to create a collection of nursery furniture and baby bedding that was playful, iconic, and above all, beautifully made.

    Since it’s launch, Olli Ella has garnered a devoted following, with an ever-expanding collection of pieces for childrens’ spaces, including nursing chairs, rugs, nursery furniture, baby bedding, and much more. Olli Ella is sold worldwide.

    Chloe and Olivia draw inspiration from their children and from their own childhoods. Olli Ella designs are nostalgic at the same time modern, capturing the hearts and admiration of parents, children and design influencers.

    Before starting Olli Ella, Chloe and Olivia studied design and art history, and opened a small, quaint art gallery in the heart of London, specialising in 20th century works. Their love of mid-century art translated into this era-inspired furniture design, when they designed and made a nursing chair for Chloe when she was expecting her first baby. This project blossomed and Olli Ella was born, launching the following year with three nursing chairs and a baby bedding collection shortly after.

    Chloe lives in Sydney Australia with her family, and Olivia lives in London, England with hers. They skype every day and love every inch of Olli Ella.

    We hope you will too.

  • OYOY

    The simple things should have one color stroke only, this to make the product seen and to add an edge to the product

    The OYOY vision is to create functional products made in high quality materials and in pleasant colors and shapes.

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    The OYOY name is inspired by the OY letters, which since 1929 has been the signature on every Danish airplane regardless of where in the world it may be located. The letters OY is to indicate that we are a Danish Company.

    OYOY creates quality products with focus on design, function, colors and exquisite materials. We are inspired by the classic Scandinavian designs added undertones of simplicity and with a twist of Japanese design – with a passion of combining colors and materials. 

    In the AW14 collection a new branch was added to the OYOY collection as the MINI OYOY was introduced. A cute collection created for kids and playful souls. All products are made in sweet colors and designs and still is the same good quality as all other items within the OYOY Collection. 

    The owner and designer of OYOY is Lotte Fynboe whom has been educated from the Danish design school Teko in Herning specializing in interior and furniture design. 

    The OYOY Company was founded by Lotte Fynboe in January 2012.

    Shape, graphic, color and clean materials inspires Lotte Fynboe and her motto is “Less is More”. A lot of the products are redesigns of her Childhood memories.


    The Future of Street Fashion
    Our philosophy at PANDO is straightforward. We believe in designing original urban wear and then use the most cutting-edge technology for unparalleled strength and quality. 

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    Established in 2011, PANDO has quickly emerged as one of the most happening and successful street fashion brands all across Baltic that offers outstanding luxury with a contemporary sensibility. PANDO appeals to the innovative consumers with a rebellious streak in them, the outlaws who are not ready to accept the prevalent rules, which are not working. At PANDO, our terrific team of highly skilled professionals design and manufacture clothes for these cultural influences. This is just one of the reasons that make PANDO one of the most popular street fashion clothing brands of these times.
    We believe that we can build the future of street fashion with PANDO. Apart from defining your personality, your clothes should be capable of liberating you. Whatever you put in the morning; be it a pair of jeans or a low rise pants, it should never restrict you on how you spend your day. We create clothes that combine functionality driven designs with highest levels of street fashion. Our brand showcases distinctly casual-urban point of view and can be best defined as an extraordinary combination of opposites: collaborating novelty with vintage, soft with hard and minimal with eclectic.
    Deeply rooted in thriving urban street culture, PANDO’s core purpose is to present its trademark style through spectacular products such as jeans wear, denim blazers, and sweaters and so on. Though PANDO has become one of the internationally recognizable brands in a short span of time, it is still committed to serve the communities where it comes from and always strives to provide most unique products to its loyal customers.
    The fact is that the fashion world is overpopulated with useless designs that fail to define the personal identity of anyone who wish to look distinguished. At PANDO, we face this challenge on a regular basis, and we always aim to create street fashion designs that are worth creating. The truth is that our commitment to make PANDO as one of the most sought-after street fashion brands and experimentation are our best tools to manufacture top class jeans wear, and other fashionable and punk clothing items.
    At PANDO, we believe that one well created clothing item can take the place of several cheap clothes. We strongly believe that conventional fashion structure is flawed, and we are here to change some rules. It is absolutely possible to create high quality street fashion clothing items at very affordable prices by redeveloping traditional systems, distribution and products. Profit has never been the reason for the existence of PANDO. We understand that money is essential for any company to function well, but the less a company concentrates on the profits, the better it will serve its customers. This is pretty much our philosophy at PANDO; we always put our customers first. No wonder, we are the first choice for customers looking for stylish street fashion clothing items, such as high quality low rise pantss or jeans, in all over Europe. More than anything else, we aim to make PANDO a street fashion brand worthy of our customers’ respect.


    As a British company our aim is to create toys that are full of charm and originality & draw their inspiration from the heritage of English life. Made with beauty and durability in mind all of our toys are hand finished and combine the highest standards in quality and value.

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    Every one of our toys has been designed with details that make a toy unique, original designs, gorgeous hand picked fabrics, the softest velour, hand knitted jumpers all along with distinctive quality packaging contribute to make RAGTALES products that little bit special.

    The toys we take with us as children into the wider world become treasured companions of our childhood & beyond ……. at RAGTALES we make toys that just ask to be loved.


    Robert Kalinkin is a Lithuanian designer, over the past seven years also working as an art director & set designer for international video advertisements; and a TV shows stylist.

    Robert’s creative direction is a rigorous, militaristic form of complex cutting and designs, bright and bold details & a thoughtful asymmetry. Designer makes collections both for men & women, as well as made-to-order & couture items, accessories and footwear.

    The designer has two clothing lines. RK by Robert Kalinkin collections consist of unique, couture pieces made for a specific person or occasion - stage performances, TV appearances, while The Good & Black is a ready to wear line that includes designer’s most recognizable creative features, innovative cuts & textures.

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    ROBI AGNES is a Lithuanian trademark which  represents clothes of exclusive design and handmade handbags. ROBI AGNES products are made only from the quality fabrics and thoroughly selected genuine Italian leather with a special focus on the uniqueness of the product.

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    The style of ROBI AGNES emphasizes pure elegance with a pinch of modern irregularity. Feminine rebelliousness of designers is reflected in subtle details: fancy clothing forms, composition of knitted fabric and leather, handbags delicately decorated with zippers.

    ROBI AGNES products are designed for a self-confident woman, who desires to radiate subtle elegance and just needs to spice up her life.