Reflective Badge Mini Single

Safety first. As well as style! Reflective badge “Oreflector” shines in the dark like a supernova, making you visible at night and looking great at sunrise. That’s why you don’t have to take it off. Wear “Oreflector” without ruining your outfits and without being run over.

38 mm

Designer: Martynas Kazimierėnas. Producer: March, Lithuania

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6,00 €

    We believe this excellent reason to buy – market doesn’t offer safety reflectors, which are good looking and can be a fashion accessory. And then there is a human need to feel safe on the roads. Ideal for wearing yourself or as a present. “Oreflector” design is patented, so you can have a really unique product.

    “Oreflector” is made from new certificated reflecting material, plastic backing and a metal pin. Badge is water resistant and can withstand temperatures from –40C to +40C. 

    “Oreflectors” are packed on postcard sized cardboard pieces with cheerful glowing deer design. Single or double packages take little space, are light and thus decreases shipping costs.