Picnic / tablecloth

picnic/table cloth

Do you love white and tidy tablecloths like in Italiantrattorias? But hate the idea of ironing them? We do too. So we made iron-free tablecloth!

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45,00 €

    MARCH picnic/table cloth is washable and almost impossible to tear apart. After use just put the tablecloth into the washing machine and re-use it straight away because it dries instantly!

    Features: indoor & outdoor use, ultra-light (115 - 275g), washable, recyclable


    Water proof , Stain resistant “Tyvek” paper.


    Transparent plastic ball with rumpled Table Papercloth



    Square 1,5x1,5 m

    Rectangle big 2,5x1,5 m

    Rectangle small 1,5x1,0 m

    Round x1,5 m

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