Tie-free elastic shoelaces

Tie-free elastic shoelaces LAST KNOT NEW!

Stretchy shoelaces make your footwear more comfy

+ allows to step in & out without tying a knot.

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12,00 €

    Reduce your emission of time wasting gases - improve your footprint now!

    Firstly, LAST KNOT means no more knot tying. Elastic nature of our laces enable you to step in&out of a shoe with a knot in place. That’s a month of your life. Imagine lacing shoes all that time instead of getting foot massage while listening to the Peruvian flute band? We do. Secondly, LAST KNOT makes any shoe a more comfortable shoe. Stretchy laces reduce pressure points and enables you to move around more freely. We bet you’ll even forget wearing a pair.


    Colors: black, neon orange, neon yellow, reflective.


    Hand wash only.


    · short (50 cm): for dress & kids shoes (3 - 5 pairs of eyelets)

    · long (100 cm): for sneakers, leisure & sport shoes (6 - 8 pairs of eyelets)