TADAM! Sweet Course for Your Eyes

Walnut with light brown shell.

This walnut is handcrafted from clay using high-quality materials and is fired up to three times. It is decorated with ceramic gold. The outside of walnut shell is light brown.

Walnut dimentions ±2.5 x 3.5cm size. Weight with the chain is ±50g.

Jewellery dessert comes with ±75 cm long gold over sterling silver chain. 

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    TADAM! Jewellery is the winner of Lithuania’s National “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013”

    Handmade ceramic pendants "The Sweet Course for Your Eyes"

    A piece of chocolate is always fantastic, but what about wearing it around neck? Or a mini donut (baranka), dipped into chocolate-golden glaze? 
    If somebody can eat 10 raffaellos in a row, how about white and light coconut confection on a chain as a necklace and with a zero calories?

    “A spin through popular internet sites, TV shows and book stores revealed world’s obsession with food and cuisine, so we decided to take the concept one step further – by crafting food into jewellery”, – says Deimante Litvinaite, inventor and designer of TADAM!

    Kitchen delicacies, ordinary and gourmet, take on a new meaning – they become original and eye-catching items of jewellery. 
    TADAM! jewellery looks like it has just been baked. It is real in size, delicious and fresh in texture, but it is not edible. That’s why we named it “The Sweet Course for Your Eyes”.

    TADAM! Design desserts are fashioned from white and black ceramic clay. Only high-quality and luxurious materials are used in the production. Every piece is fired several times. After cooling the pieces are covered with a variety of glazes and fired again. The jewelry that is decorated with special precious metal alloys, gold or platinum, makes one more trip to the oven. 
    At least 10 days are required to make a small collection of ceramic jewelry. This individual production process makes each jewelry item unique and precious.