Sąrašas prekių pagal gamintoją VOOR

Gets inspired by diversities of the world different cultures, people, places and folk craft. Each collection will bring fresh designs inspired by travel around far lands. We will make you indulge in contrasts in between east and west, north and south. 

For each collection of VÖÖR, i will travel new distance places to understand local cultures and look for new inspirations among them. Working with local craftsman will bring together fresh designs and regional uniqueness to create final products.

I am a traveler who from a very young age took his own journey on unknown paths. Travels made me fall in love with this world and people. I constantly explore & discover unknown paths, places, cultures, people, countries, cities, festivals and food. All the life experience made me a world citizen which is beyond a race, religion, nationalities or part of any one particular clan.

The idea of VÖÖR was growing within me in my journeys. I wanted to create a brand with a soul which could reflect my passion for travel, art, culture, fashion and people of the world. I wanted to bring all that experiences and moments.

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